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We're a group of cannabis advocates searching the internet for great cannabis related content. Feel free to float around, we have a variety of cannabis topics for those in search of advice from medical use to growing your own cannabis. Many of our knowledgeable members can help you find the answers you need.

Canna-Curate showcases a vast range of growers from all over the world so their knowlegde and experience with growing cannabis in all the different ways can be shared with you.

With legalization of medicinal cannabis continuing to sweep nations the need for Strain Reviews will become greater in demand. One of Canna-Curate's missions is to help bring those reviews to you.

Through some of our contest and charity drives we strive to bring hope and healing to those that desperately need cannabis as medicine. We will continue the fight for world wide Legalization of Medicinal Cannabis.


We host Podcasts in our Discord "Green House Radio" voice channel, topics include: news, growing, medical use and info, and products reviews as well as interviews with industry professionals. Or just come hang out and relax to some tunes durning podcast downtimes. Current showtimes include:


At the core of Canna-Curate is our social media curtation through the Steem blockchain. We offer many incentives to post through our delegation and curation trail upvote programs as well as our handpicked manual curation. If you know anyone in need of recognition feel free to contact us on Our Team page or through our Discord Server.


We currently offer two different hooded sweaters. Grey or Black coming in medium, large and x-large. We're looking to get set up with some more cannabis related products that will be redeemable with your CANNA tokens or crypto.

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